When a new position becomes available on a job, working members use the “availability list” on the local’s website to contact other qualified members.


This local had been using postal mail or hand delivery to distribute important announcements, contractual paperwork, and membership cards to members. They were also distributing surveys and voting ballots in the same manner. Managing such communication was extremely time consuming and expensive.


The eMembership Communication Module enables the local to communicate with members via email and/or text. They can communicate one-on-one, in groups (i.e., chapters or regions), or in bulk with the entire membership. All outbound postal communication has been replaced with eMembership electronic communication using this platform.

The local also makes extensive use of the eMembership Voting/Survey function. They can easily create a survey (multi-question) or vote (single-question) and send it to the entire membership (or segments) via text and/or email.


The local previously had two full-time employees coordinating distribution and mailroom services; those resources have now been redeployed to more productive work. The local is also saving thousands of dollars every month on printing, postage and mailing services. In terms of voting and surveys, member engagement has skyrocketed. And the local now has instant access to all communications with individual members, and full trackability of all emails and texts sent to their membership in bulk.

About the eMembership Member App and Portal

The eMembership Communications module facilitates communication and engagement with members for union activities. You can:

  • Using integrated email and/or text, send messages to the entire membership, or to targeted groups of members based on membership data such as craft or

  • Easily create invitation lists for meetings or events, email or text those invitations, track RVSPs, and track attendance.

  • Create and send online surveys, including DOL-compliant ballots.

  • Send documents for electronic signature.

  • Track the engagement of every member or prospective member.

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