he Supreme Court Janus Decision required unions representing government employees (including school employees) to re-establish their representation and dues deduction terms with their members. This called for rapid janus compliance in order to continue following regulations.


For one statewide local of 35,000 school employees, this was a daunting task. Sending an email to 35,000 members used to take days, and invariably many of the emails were incorrect; then soliciting signatures via postal service took months to complete.


Using the eMembership Communications module, the local was able to compose a message and send it to every member via email and/or text, all with just a few mouse clicks. They followed up the initial notice with an electronic signature drive, also natively supported by eMembership.


Now using eMembership, the process of sending said emails was infinitely easier, faster, and more accurate. Because the emails and texts were sent from the system of record (eMembership), the member contact information was guaranteed to be up to date. Communicating by email and text got the message out FAST. And collecting electronic signatures saved the union printing and postage fees, without requiring expensive third-party electronic signature software. The entire process was completed in a fraction of the time the prior manual process would have taken, and the result was a member retention rate significantly higher than would have otherwise been expected.

About the eMembership Communications Module

The eMembership Communications module facilitates communication and engagement with members for union activities. You can:

  • Using integrated email and/or text, send messages to the entire membership, or to targeted groups of members.
  • Easily create invitation lists for meetings or events, email or text those invitations, track RVSPs, and track attendance.
  • Create and send online surveys.
  • Send documents for electronic signature.
  • Track the engagement of every member or prospective member.