IATSE 600 Uses eMembership for Integrated Document Management

Like most unions, IATSE Local 600 maintains an enormous amount of paperwork associated with its members. But without a specific document management system this paperwork can be difficult to keep track of. Problem Previously, all documents were stored electronically in a powerful document management system, but because it was a standalone system, it was difficult [...]

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eMembership Saves ILWU Local 13 Time, Money, and Effort

T he International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), established in 1937, is a labor union responsible for representing dock workers on the West Coast. Local 13, the Los Angeles chapter of the union was established shortly thereafter. The new union member database saved them time, money and effort. Problem This West Coast Local was [...]

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New NYPD Systems Upgrade

We were contacted by three NYPD-based labor union and benefit funds groups—the Lieutenant’s Benevolent Association (LBA) and the Captain’s Endowment Association (CEA), and the Superior Officers Council (SOC)— to help them implement a seamless NYPD system with a membership management solution. Problem The core challenge we faced was consolidating three separate desktop-based systems with separate [...]

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Large SEIU Union Uses eMembership Electronic Signatures for Rapid Janus Compliance

T he Supreme Court Janus Decision required unions representing government employees (including school employees) to re-establish their representation and dues deduction terms with their members. This called for rapid janus compliance in order to continue following regulations. Problem For one statewide local of 35,000 school employees, this was a daunting task. Sending an email to [...]

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SEIU Local 500 Uses eMembership Electronic Voting for Contract Ratification

T he Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is a labor union established in 1921 representing nearly two million workers across the United States and Canada. The Local 500 chapter started in the 1960s and currently represents workers across Washington D.C. and Maryland. Here, they used eMembership to achieve union ratification in their contracts. Problem Ratification [...]

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School Employee Union Uses eMembership App and Portal for Member Self-Service

This local was dedicating an enormous amount of time and expense to answering phone calls and emails from thousands of members instead of providing member self-service. Problem Supporting this effort was time-consuming and expensive. Solution The local implemented the eMembership Member Portal and Member App. The Portal is a password-protected website that provides an array [...]

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Teachers Union Uses eMembership to Track Mandatory Member Training

This large statewide school employee union has mandatory training programs for members and job stewards. Problem They run approximately 600 training programs for 6,000+ members and steward-candidates each year. This was being tracked in Excel with no integration into their member management system. Solution Winmill was able to quickly build a custom Training Module [...]

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West Coast Union Uses eMembership to Schedule and Manage Chapter Meetings

This statewide school employees local uses chapter meetings as its primary means of communicating with members. Union meetings are also used to encourage card signing by employees who are new to the bargaining unit. Problem Before eMembership, the chapters and home office did not share a common list of members or bargaining units, so invitations [...]

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IUOE 139 Uses eMembership to Streamline Member Dispatch

T he International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) is a trade union representing primarily operating engineers, as well as nurses, other health industry workers and employees in the petrochemical industry. The Local 139 chapter represents members in the Wisconsin area. Problem This Midwest local was using two old, separate systems to manage membership and dispatch. [...]

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Northeast Local Uses eMembership for Member Outreach

W When a new position becomes available on a job, working members use the “availability list” on the local’s website to contact other qualified members. Problem This local had been using postal mail or hand delivery to distribute important announcements, contractual paperwork, and membership cards to members. They were also distributing surveys and voting ballots [...]

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