An eMembership Discovery Project

We customize eMembership to your union’s requirements – not the other away around. A Discovery Project is a short engagement during which we review and document your union’s processes, systems and requirements. We review eMembership with you, module by module, and confirm all configurations and customizations required to perfectly support your operations. An eMembership Discovery Project typically lasts four weeks.

How Does It Work?

The Discovery Project is highly interactive. We will schedule 4-6 sessions with designated people in your organization. During the Discovery Project we:

  • Review your current business processes
  • Review your current computer systems, where necessary
  • Identify what works and what does not
  • Introduce best practices; often we can help to streamline your operations
  • Confirm what configurations/customizations we will make to eMembership in order to support your unique requirements
  • Document everything!

What Do You Get?

The deliverable for the Discovery Project is a Discovery Package that includes the following:

  • Implementation Scope – We confirm the inventory of screens, reports, and processes that the system must support.
  • Implementation Cost – We confirm the cost to implement eMembership for your local.

  • Implementation Schedule – We create a high-level project schedule with clear and tangible milestone dates.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact us today and we’ll walk you through the process. We start with an introductory call and a questionnaire; using these, we can make sure that eMembership is a good fit, and provide an estimated total cost. If those make sense, we move on to the Discovery Project.

“eMembership is a robust database with user-friendly data entry platform. It is the heart of our organization and keeps our member information safe with provides an excellent reporting tool to track all the data that we enter. I handle dues and membership reporting and our database is the main tool that I need to do my job accurately and efficiently.”
eMembership user, IATSE Local 800

“Winmill is a winner! Upgrading with Winmill from our prior office operating system, has truly made a difference in our day to day operations. Work flow has increased along with productive and efficient time management. The process from discovery through final production was great. Winmill’s team was exceptional! Our office is improving with this implementation using Winmill. For us, the difference is night and day. I highly recommend using their services. No matter what your needs, they will mold a fit for company.”

eMembership user

“Working with eMembership’s team has been a phenomenal experience. We are very pleased with the knowledge and understanding that they’ve demonstrated. They have been extremely responsive and flexible to our unique needs. We’re very satisfied with initial phases. The team at Winmill have been very helpful offering insights to scenarios that we were not anticipating. Looking forward to seeing where eMembership takes us.”

eMembership user, SEIU Local 26