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Welcome to eMembership’s Success Stories! This collection of labor union membership management case studies showcases successful strategies, innovative approaches, and effective solutions implementing eMembership.

“We had a system that really didn’t work for a union. We wanted to move from an accrued-based accounting system into more of a cash-basis system. Our old software couldn’t handle that. It was a nightmare. We evaluated three companies; eMembership just seemed so user-friendly. Reporting was simple. Winmill made the transition—a really intense and rigorous process—easy. There has never been a time when I wasn’t able to get in touch with someone. Everything has been so easy. It simplifies my life. And the online portal is such a convenience to our members. And Winmill continuously reaches out and follows up, including when new modules come out. I really appreciate that. It’s been awesome.”

Marlaina F., ILWU Local 13
​”Winmill has always accommodated our every need and has proven to be flexible enough to meet our demands. When Maryland became a right-to-work state, we were impressed by Winmill’s ability to quickly deploy electronic signatures for membership cards, as well as online voting for contract ratification. Winmill hasn’t simply met our requirements, they’ve helped us improve our business.”
Tracy T., Director of Member Services & Operations, SEIU Local 500
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