Like most unions, IATSE Local 600 maintains an enormous amount of paperwork associated with its members. But without a specific document management system this paperwork can be difficult to keep track of.


Previously, all documents were stored electronically in a powerful document management system, but because it was a standalone system, it was difficult to quickly retrieve specific documents to support everyday business functions.


Using Winmill’s open architecture, we created APIs to connect eMembership to the existing IATSE 600 document management system. Now, all of a member’s documents are seamlessly accessible from both the document management system and eMembership. Clicking on a document link in eMembership will open the document for reading, saving or printing. The fact that the document is in another system is completely transparent.


While the solution seems simple, it would not have been possible had eMembership not been built using a contemporary, open architecture. Creating the API to connect the two systems was in fact quite easy. And now, documents such as membership applications, dues deduction authorizations, political action deduction authorizations, membership ID cards, and photo IDs can all be accessed directly from a member’s profile in eMembership. This helps productivity, as eMembership is now a one-stop shop for all information related to a member.

eMembership’s ease of integration preserves their existing investment in document management software. This applies across the board with the easy integration of third party systems.

Document information is available to other eMembership tools such as Query Builder. For example, you can query a list of all members that have no political action contribution document on file.

Documents can be associated with multiple entities within eMembership, such as Employer, Contract, or Grievance.