The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) represents a diverse range of professionals, including electricians, utilities workers, and telecommunications specialists. Our client is an IBEW local representing sports broadcasters. They recently implemented eMembership to save significant time and money while establishing a future-proof membership administration solution.


Our IBEW client faced three significant challenges that hindered their operational efficiency and member satisfaction. First, their existing systems struggled to handle essential tasks like invoicing, relying heavily on manual processes that were both time-consuming and error prone. Secondly, outdated on-premises hardware posed reliability concerns, prompting the need for a modern cloud-based solution like eMembership. Finally, the local sought more responsive support to promptly address their evolving needs.


To address these challenges, this IBEW local turned to eMembership for a comprehensive solution. Two eMembership modules proved invaluable for custom remittance processing, particularly with one of their largest employers: the Data Import module and the Employer Payments and Billing module.

Furthermore, eMembership’s customizable architecture facilitated the implementation of complex invoicing rules tailored to their unique requirements. Whether managing permanent staff or freelance members with varying payment structures, the platform handled invoicing complexities with ease.

The local also utilized eMembership’s Integrated Email and Text module to streamline internal communications, disseminating updates and meeting announcements effortlessly. Additionally, they enabled automated warnings to members regarding late payments or potential suspensions.


The adoption of eMembership brought about transformative results for our IBEW client. The most immediate impact was that our import feature streamlined employer deduction processing, resulting in substantial time and cost savings. This enabled our client to eliminate manual calculations and achieve operational efficiency while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and accountability.

Our IBEW client continues to enjoy a major improvement in support responsiveness, ensuring their needs are promptly addressed. Additionally, the transition to a modern, private- cloud architecture enhanced reliability and scalability, future-proofing their operations.

This IBEW local’s success illustrates eMembership’s ability to meet the diverse needs of union locals across various industries. Over 40 union locals trust eMembership to uphold their core values of accountability, professionalism, and quality, driving success for unions across the USA and Canada.