eMembership Supports Easy Import of Any Member or Employer Data

eMembership has a very robust data importing capability. This includes being able to do generic importing, such as for remittances and payment batches, as well as to do member updates or bulk updates for any eMembership data. eMembership provides basic templates that can be customized for specific needs. For example, there may be one standard format for remittances. Staff can modify the files they receive to match the standard format, or customized formats can be created for larger data providers such as payroll companies, to simplify direct remittance processing.

One of the goals of data import processing is to match data received to data already in the database. eMembership simplifies this process. Members who don’t match, based on name, employee number, or the last four numbers of a Social Security number, can be added or reconciled to existing members (this may happen when there are subtle name differences or mistyped Social Security numbers).

eMembership enables you to streamline importing to tailor the importing format to the source of the data. This is an important feature for larger data providers such as major companies or key payroll providers. You can also add comments and text for staff to refer to.

eMembership union data import

Data Import Selection

  • Select a file to import.
  • Choose type of data (e.g., deduction or payments) as well as any of several local-defined formats.
  • Choose file layout (CSV or legacy fixed-width).
eMembership data reconciliation

Data Import Reconciliation

  • Match what is received to what the database already contains.
  • Use a fully integrated feature (e.g., type-ahead) within eMembership, whether it is a member or a work site or a job title, to match.
  • Add new members if there are no existing matches.
eMembership bulk reconciliation

Data Import Bulk Reconciliation

  • Update all recurring discrepancies, such as a payroll company’s spelling of a work site or a production, that is consistently different at once. eMembership enables the system to “remember” these translations going forward without further reconciliation.

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