eMembership’s Fourteen Powerful Modules

​eMembership has everything you need to effectively manage your labor union. Our union software features several tools to manage areas including membership employers, contracts, dues, payment processing, invoicing, grievances, organizing, unlimited reporting, and much more!

Member Management

Keep all member information organized and easily accessible, including members’ profiles, work history, and financial standing.

Employers and Contracts

Easily access employer information, including comprehensive profile information, members associated with employers, grievances filed, and employer worksites.

Member Payments and Billing

Process member payments through a single account. Access and invoice member dues. Track and manage member payments and delinquencies.

Employer Payments

Handle all activity related to dues assessment, remittance, and remittance processing. Electronic upload means eliminating manual remittance processing forever!


Manage grievances with one click from member or employer profiles. Associate multiple member grievances with an employer, unlimited supporting attachments, and flexible workflow for resolution.


Handle all aspects of union organizing efforts. This includes creating turfs, assessing members, and easily partitioning turfs into visits and routes using map integration.


Provide mobile access for union staff, including job stewards and business representatives using eMembership. They can use it in the field to look up member status, find nearby members, register event attendees, and more.


Intelligently manage placement of members. Match member skills and availability with employer requirements; flexible matching and prioritization rules.

Member App and Portal

Provide mobile and online self-service capabilities to your members. Members can update their contact information, report work, file grievances, review account balances, pay dues and more!


Communicate with your members via email or text messaging. Manage events and campaigns. Online voting, online polling, and electronic signatures means never again mailing paperwork to your members!


Use infographics for a snapshot view of your membership, with the ability to drill down into the numbers for insights and analysis. Messages and alerts are displayed here, too.

Data Import

Import remittances and payment batches or perform member updates or bulk updates for any eMembership data.

Query Builder

Build queries on eMembership data to create insightful reports.

Call Log

Manage inbound calls to your local labor union from labor union members and other callers all the way through to resolution. Track call-response performance and Department of Labor rate-response compliance.

“Winmill eMembership has helped us increase the accuracy of our data and dues collection process for our members and the contracts that we manage. This has increased our collection rate and the overall efficiency of our membership team here at the Local.”

Carey M., Director of Operations,

“We liked the discovery process as well as the development and final functionality of the customized software. Great programmers along with a team that really got in tune with our needs. Understanding changes needed along the way and adjusting the software in preview sites before actual application has been beneficial as well.”

David F.,