Endless Ways to Engage with Your Union Members

As part of its union management software, eMembership Communications provides several methods to directly connect with members for union activities. You can:

  • Send newsletters or text messages to the entire membership or more targeted emails to a select set of members.
  • Easily create invitation lists for meetings or events, email or text invitations, track RVSPs, and track attendance.
  • Create and send online surveys.
  • Send documents for electronic signature.
  • Track the engagement of every member or prospective member.

All of these methods are integrated into our union management software and eliminate the need for external tools, while ensuring your data is always up to date.

Features include:

eMembership email and SMS

Integrated Email

  • Send emails using the full capabilities of your bulk-email provider (e.g., MailChimp) without leaving eMembership.
  • Create a recipient list based on any membership criteria (e.g., status, classification, employer, etc.).
  • Create rich HTML messages (e.g., newsletters) using the email provider’s editor or create simpler messages using the eMembership mail editor.
  • Review the history of emails sent to a member, including whether the email was opened, in the member profile.

Integrated Text

  • Integrated Text uses the same features as Integrated Email for building recipient lists and tracking responses in one comprehensive user interface.
  • Take advantage of bulk messaging services (e.g., Twilio) to provide high volume messaging.
  • Track texts as part of a member’s profile.
  • Allow notices to be sent by text or email or both.
eMembership union meetings and events

Meetings and Events

  • Create, announce, and track meetings or other events.
  • Use eMembership’s communication facilities to craft messaging and select participants.
  • Track responses via personalized links in your email or text.
  • Manage and report on attendance.
eMembership union electronic signatures

Electronic Signatures

  • Send documents to your members by email for electronic signature.
  • Pre-fill documents where appropriate.
  • Documents can capture required data from recipients and automatically load into eMembership.
  • Signed documents are readily available via the member’s profile in eMembership.
eMembership union surveys

Surveys and Votes

  • Create anonymous surveys or ballots using eMembership’s fully integrated Survey builder.
  • Build integrated reports that correlate responses with craft, tenure, or other membership data​.

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