Use Email or Text to Communicate With Your Members

eMembership email and SMS

Integrated Email

  • Send emails using the full capabilities of your bulk-email provider (e.g., MailChimp) without leaving eMembership.
  • Create a recipient list based on any membership criteria (e.g., status, classification, employer, etc.).
  • Create rich HTML messages (e.g., newsletters) using the email provider’s editor or create simpler messages using the eMembership mail editor.
  • Review the history of emails sent to a member, including whether the email was opened, in the member profile.

Integrated Text

  • Integrated Text uses the same features as Integrated Email for building recipient lists and tracking responses in one comprehensive user interface.
  • Take advantage of bulk messaging services (e.g., Twilio) to provide high volume messaging.
  • Track texts as part of a member’s profile.
  • Allow notices to be sent by text or email or both.

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