End-to-End Management of Union Member Grievances

The Grievances module supports the tracking of grievances filed against employers. The nature of them, their current status and history, the employer and member(s) involved are all captured here. A summary of related grievance(s) is also displayed on the respective employer details page. Features include:

Union grievances management

Grievances Management

  • Track a grievance, complaint or open issue.
  • Associate a grievance with an employer and one or more members.
  • Built-in workflow for grievance resolution.
  • Search for grievance by employer, date, type, status, or other.
  • Optional ability to give members access, via Member Portal, to track grievance status.
eMembership union grievances

Grievances Detail

  • Track basic information like employer, status, type, date, etc.
  • Assign one or more contacts.
  • Assign one or more violations.
  • Unlimited attachments for documents, images, videos, etc.
  • Configurable workflow and timeline.

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