Automated Job Placement for Labor Unions

Our Dispatch supports proactive, job-hall style placement of members. It is based on matching member skills and availability to employer work orders. It supports prioritization of members based on days out of work. The skills list is configurable and can include skill assessments if appropriate (e.g. a 1-5 rating). We track all calls made to a member, whether or not they resulted in a dispatch, as well as a history of actual  member dispatches. Also, there is the optional ability to add “blacklisting” members, by employer, if needed. Features include:

eMembership union member dispatch
  • Work order-based member dispatch.
  • Configurable skills list, including optional skill levels.
  • Full history of member dispatches.
  • Full history of calls made per work order.

For more information, request a demo or contact us at inquiry@winmill.com or 1-888-711-MILL (6455)