Increase Membership with Integrated Turf Cutting

eMembership Turf Cutting is designed specifically for union organizing efforts with active, former, and potential new members. It starts with defining a Turf. Turfs are a way to partition and assign the membership to organizers/field reps. In eMembership, an Assessment form can be designed that organizers use to assess or conduct surveys of the members in their Turf. Organizers can then “cut” their Turf into geographically based Visits using online mapping tools. All turf-cutting functions are designed to work on desktop/laptop, tablet, and phone.

eMembership organizing turfs


  • Partition members (e.g., active or potential) into segments and assign to organizers.
  • ​Define the criteria for inclusion of a member in a turf (e.g., people working at companies X, Y and Z).
  • Criteria can be any data in eMembership (e.g., employer, member status, classification, zip code, congressional district, etc.).
  • Turfs use the same data as the financial modules, which are typically fed by payroll or employer roster imports. This ensures the member data is always up to date.
  • Turfs maintain a saved list of people that meet the criteria with potential additions or removals highlighted.
  • A Turf definition can be tailored for any particular organizing objective (e.g., recruitment of non-members working at companies X, Y and Z).

Check out our Turf Cutting and Member Assessment video!

eMembership union turf assessments


  • Design a list of questions and possible answers/scores, for organizers to use to assess members in their Turf.
  • Questions can be re-used on different Assessments, with responses tracked over time.
  • Use eMembership reports or Query Builder to analyze and develop plans based on Assessment results.
  • Assessment results can be viewed by member across various Assessments or by Assessment across various members.
eMembership union turf visits


  • Partition a Turf into smaller groups of members that comprise a Visit.
  • Partition based on any criteria, but the most common is geographical proximity of worksites or the members.
  • Click on the Turf members to add to a Visit, or simply “lasso” a group of members on the map!
  • Quickly enter Assessments, notes, view member profile or get directions to from the Visit list.
  • Plan follow-up Visits to get missed Assessments​.​

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