Seamless Integration of Labor Union Employer and Contracts Data

The Employers and Contracts module organizes all information related to employers. Features include:

Employer Search

  • Search for employers by any criteria.
  • Search on partial names.
  • One-click access to add a new employer.
  • We customize for you what columns you want returned in the results.
  • One-click sorting of results list.
  • One-click access from the results table to the Employer Profile.

Employer Profile

  • Easy access to all employer profile information.
  • Unlimited notes.
  • Unlimited forms of contact.
  • Unlimited addresses.
  • One-click access to all grievances associated with this employer.
  • One-click access to all members working for this employer.
  • Indicator as to whether or not the employer is signatory; non-signatory employers may also be tracked in the system.
  • The primary contract to which the employer is signatory (if applicable) is captured by the system.
  • Electronic remittance processing – eliminate manual data entry!


  • Quick access to all worksites (or projects) for a given employer.
  • Include key worksite attributes including type, name, code, description, comments, addresses, and contacts.
  • One-click access to members working at worksite.

Member List

  • Listing of all members currently or formerly working for a given employer or at a specific work site.
  • Includes key identifying data such as classification, start and end date.
  • Mobile access is ideal for field reps and job stewards, providing real-time access to member profiles – including member status – on a job site.

Contract Information

  • Easy access to all contract information.
  • Effective date and expiration date are tracked; a message is displayed for contracts nearing expiration.
  • Since effective and expiration dates are tracked, stepped rate schedule easily established over the contract.
  • An employer can be signatory for a specific project or for all projects.
  • Scanned copies of the contract can be stored in the system and viewed with a single click.
  • Create a rate schedule (where rates and/or dues change over time) for a contract by simply entering each rate with the appropriate start and end dates.
  • ​Assess dues with a single click!

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