Labor Union Employer Payments and Billing Made Easy

From assessing dues, to creating invoices, member payments, and remittance processing, the employer payment functionality in eMembership has you covered. Features include:

eMembership remittance imports

Remittance Import

  • Eliminate manual data entry of remittances!
  • Create templates to match the format of the electronic remittances you receive.
  • eMembership matches names based on criteria you select (name, ID, SSN, other).
  • Records that do not match are highlighted for review and assignment.
  • Easy-to-use error correction, including “remember this change” feature.
eMembership remittance processing

Remittance Processing

  • Remittances can be uploaded from electronic files or manually entered into eMembership.
  • One remittance can cover multiple worksites or projects.
  • A remittance can be paid by one or more checks.
  • A check can pay for one or more remittances.
  • Missing deductions, unexpected contributions and other exceptions can be reported at time of entry or later.
eMembership book union payments

Book Payments

  • Process payments individually or in daily batches (lockbox reports).
  • Screen for payments not yet or not fully allocated to one or more remittances to help organize processing.
  • Allocate payments across deduction types as well as pay periods or remittances.
  • Directly access associated remittances.

For more information, request a demo or contact a Winmill Account Manager at inquiry@winmill.com or 1-888-711-MILL (6455)

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