he Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is a labor union established in 1921 representing nearly two million workers across the United States and Canada. The Local 500 chapter started in the 1960s and currently represents workers across Washington D.C. and Maryland. Here, they used eMembership to achieve union ratification in their contracts.


Ratification of contracts or amendments across 20,000 members used to take weeks using regular mail.


This local uses eMembership’s Surveys & Votes module to solicit instant member feedback. The process is easy: create a survey (one or more questions) or a vote (single question); select the audience (entire membership, or a select group); send! The poll/ballot is delivered via email and/or text, according to each member’s preference. eMembership’s Surveys and Votes module supports DOL requirements for double-blind voting by ensuring each voter votes only once, and guaranteeing the anonymity of every vote.


Contract ratifications can be completed within days rather than what previously took weeks (or longer). And although the local cannot see how a member voted, they can see if a member has already voted. It is therefore very easy to send the poll/ballot to all members who have not yet responded allowing for quicker contract ratification within the union.

About eMembership’s Modules

The following eMembership modules facilitate communication and engagement with union members for all essential activities. You can: