he International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) is a trade union representing primarily operating engineers, as well as nurses, other health industry workers, and employees in the petrochemical industry. The Local 139 chapter represents members in the Wisconsin area.


This Midwest local was using two old, separate systems to manage membership and dispatch. Keeping the systems up to date, and staffing jobs in one system with members from another, especially across four regional offices, was incredibly difficult and time-consuming.


Winmill replaced both systems with eMembership, which has an integrated Dispatch Module. Our Dispatch Module supports proactive, job-hall style placement of members. It is based on matching member skills and availability to employer work orders. It supports prioritization of members based on days out of work. The skills list is configurable and can include skill assessments if appropriate (e.g. a 1-5 rating). We track all calls made to a member, whether or not they resulted in a dispatch, as well as a history of actual member dispatches. Also, there is the optional ability to add “blacklisting” members, by employer, if needed.


One of the immediate benefits was prevention of inadvertent dispatching of suspended or blacklisted members, which was a frequent issue in the old two-system environment. The entire dispatch process has been dramatically streamlined, especially given that all four regional offices have access to the same system, using the same real-time member and job data.

Member information collected during the dispatch process (updated address, email or phone) is immediately saved in eMembership (the system of record), whereas in the past, information collected during dispatch often never made it back to member database.

We also integrated eMembership’s Member Web Portal which members now use to maintain their own skills and certifications. This helps to ensure that member skills are up to date, which in turn ensures that the right people are being dispatched to the right jobs.

About the eMembership Dispatch Module

Our Dispatch module supports proactive, job-hall style placement of members. Features include:

  • Work order-based member dispatch.
  • Configurable skills list, including optional skill levels.
  • Full history of member dispatches.
  • Full history of calls made per work order.