This statewide school employees local uses chapter meetings as its primary means of communicating with members. Union meetings are also used to encourage card signing by employees who are new to the bargaining unit.


Before eMembership, the chapters and home office did not share a common list of members or bargaining units, so invitations often did not get to the right people. This resulted in communication gaps, as well as potential lost membership.


The home office implemented eMembership, and gave access to all chapters. This put into place a “single source of truth” – all members and candidate members, were now being maintained in a single system, with up-to-date contact information, that chapters and the home office could access in real time, from anywhere. This had an enormous and immediate impact, by ensuring that the right people were being invited to the meetings. Union meetings are now scheduled by the home office or chapters using eMembership’s Meetings and Events module. This empowers the meeting organizer to create the event, create an custom invitation list, send the invitations with a click of a button, track RSVPs, and track attendance.


Meeting organizers can now easily create an accurate invitation list using eMembership, ensuring that the right audience (members, bargaining unit new employees, other) are being invited to the right meetings. Everything is electronic, which means scheduling and tracking attendance is infinitely easier. Members are no longer accidentally excluded from a meeting because “they weren’t on my list.” And communication with prospective members is now consistent and accurate, resulting in higher membership conversion rates.

About the eMembership Reports and Queries Module

eMembership’s Reports and Queries module provides easy access to all data in your system via reusable queries. Non-programmers can create queries using a simple checkbox and picklist interface. At the same time, more advanced users can use all of the expressive power of SQL to extract data from eMembership. Query results are shown in Excel spreadsheets, where they can be refined or analyzed.