This large statewide school employee union has mandatory training programs for members and job stewards.


They run approximately 600 training programs for 6,000+ members and steward-candidates each year. This was being tracked in Excel with no integration into their member management system.


Winmill was able to quickly build a custom Training Module for the local by repurposing other similar modules. The new Training Module allows the local to create courses, group the courses into programs, assign members to programs, and track a member’s progress. Training status is displayed prominently on the Member Profile screen, with easy access to details. Building this custom module was easy because eMembership is a highly extensible platform that allows for fast customization and integration.


Course completion is now easily tracked as an integrated component of eMembership. This has dramatically streamlined the training workflow; hours and days that were previously required to manage spreadsheets are now applied to the actual education programs themselves. And most importantly, the local is able to better serve its members by ensuring they are getting timely and requisite training.

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