This local was dedicating an enormous amount of time and expense to answering phone calls and emails from thousands of members instead of providing member self-service.


Supporting this effort was time-consuming and expensive.


The local implemented eMembership’s Member Web Portal and also our Member Mobile App. The Portal is a password-protected website that provides an array of self-service features to members. Besides accessing member-only content like contracts and rates, the Portal also allows members to update their contact information, make payments, file grievances, sign up for union-sponsored events, update their work status and availability, and more. The Member Mobile App provides all the same features using an IOS or Android app.


The number of service-related phone calls and emails to the office has dropped dramatically, allowing staff to focus on other issues and future plans. And the response from the membership has been fantastic; they appreciate the self-service features, as well as the modernization efforts of their union.

About the eMembership Member Mobile App and Web Portal

Your labor union members can access all of their information anytime, anywhere, via their phone (Member App) or their desktop/browser (Member Portal). Members can:

  • Update their own contact information and notification preferences.
  • Access their account balances.
  • Make online payments.
  • Report work.
  • Report grievances.
  • And more!

member self-service
member self-service