Why Run and Develop Your Applications in the Cloud?

There are clear advantages to moving an application to the Cloud.

But to get the most of your Cloud architecture, your existing applications likely need to be refactored to take advantage of Cloud-native functionality. Containers, microservices, continuous testing, automated deployments, autoscaling, load balancing, source control, disaster recovery… the intrinsic functionality provided by modern Cloud platforms is stunning in both its breadth and depth.

We can help you navigate these waters successfully. We can help you to migrate your applications to the Cloud. Put simply, this means we move your applications, data, workloads, and resources from legacy on- premise (or datacenter) servers to AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. Winmill can help you to redesign and refactor your existing applications to take dvantage of all that the Cloud has to offer.

What Makes Us Unique

As a company that has been designing, building, hosting, and securing complex applications for more than 25 years, Winmill understands the challenges you face, because we have faced them ourselves. We know what it takes to architect and support a complex infrastructure hosting dozens of applications that must be available 24/7. For years we have supported both our own applications as well as those of our clients in public, private, and hybrid Cloud environments. We know your challenges are unique, but we also know we can overcome them – because we have never met a problem we couldn’t solve.

Winmill has expertise with public, private & hybrid cloud architectures.

We can architect, build, and manage a Cloud environment designed specifically for you. We provide 24/7/365 support, ensuring that your Cloud is always available and always operating at peak performance. If it’s time to move to the Cloud, it’s time to call Winmill.

Winmill Has Extensive Knowledge & Experience With:

  • Complex and Innovative AWS Native Testing Solutions
  • AWS Native DevOps Architectures
  • Designing, Building, and Hosting AWS Native Applications
  • Complex Serverless Applications Hosted in AWS
  • AWS Native Data Science and Analytics Solutions
  • Kubernetes Management
Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Native DevOps Architectures
  • Designing, Building, and Hosting Azure Native Applications
  • Complex Serverless Web Applications Hosted in Azure
  • HIPAA Compliant Azure Architectures
  • Azure Native Security Solutions

Steps Winmill Will Take to Bring Your Organization into the Modern Cloud

  • 1
    Discuss Your Goals and Requirements We will work with you to understand what you want and need from your Cloud. We can customize your cloud strategy so that you can fulfill your business requirements without blowing your budget.
  • 2
    Review Your Application Architecture Winmill will leverage its extensive software development and Cloud expertise to ensure that your specific application architecture is deployed efficiently, securely and reliably to the Cloud.
  • 3
    Plan For Your Security We can ensure that your Cloud architecture as well as your application are both meeting your unique security requirements. The Cloud, as with an application, is only as secure as you make it. Winmill can ensure your application’s security profile in the cloud doesn’t leave you vulnerable.
  • 4
    Capture your infrastructure requirements We assess your infrastructure, including availability, bandwidth, scalability, capacity and disaster recovery.
  • 5
    Design a CI/CD and IAC Whether you need a onetime deployment, or a fully automated CI/CD solution, Winmill’s experience means that you can leave the details to us.
  • 6
    Develop a Roadmap We create a roadmap to show you how we plan to get you to where you need to be.

“It would have taken me three or four times as long to get
it all working, vs us having Winmill do it.”

Winmill Client Survey

​”eMembership has enabled us to run our operations and to engage with our members in ways we never thought possible. It supports our membership team, finance team, organizers, field reps and executives, saving us valuable time and increasing collaboration across our staff. We didn’t think we would find a vendor that could accommodate our highly specific set of requirements, but the WinMill team has exceeded our expectations every step of the way.”

Jessica Shillander, Membership & Communications Manager