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About eMembership

Welcome to eMembership, the most powerful and flexible membership and dues system on the planet. Built specifically for labor unions, eMembership is easy to configure, easy to use and easy to manage. We securely host it for you in our 24/7 high-availability data center, so it is available anytime from anywhere.

​eMembership has everything you need to effectively manage your labor union. Members, employers, contracts, dues, payment processing, invoicing, grievances, organizing, unlimited reporting and so much more!

Is it time for a new membership and dues system? Then it’s time for eMembership! ​

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    No Hardware, No Software, No Hassle

    Winmill hosts eMembership in our high-availability data center. We focus on the hardware, software, operating systems, security patches, system monitoring, bandwidth, backups… while you focus on your core business.

    We host hundreds of applications for clients ranging from small local unions to massive commercial banks. Our data center maintains SOC 1 (SSAE18/ ISAE3402), SOC 2, HIPAA, and PCI DSS compliance. It is fully audited, highly redundant and vigorously secured.

    Because eMembership is internet based, authorized users can access it anytime, from anywhere. We make sure that it is running 24/7. Access it from the office, home, airport or hotel room. Job stewards can access it from a job site using an iPad or mobile phone. Your data at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

    ​Welcome to a world where you’ll no longer worry if your server is secure, or if your backup ran last night.

    Welcome to eMembership

    Our Process

    One size does not fit all! We know that no two labor unions are exactly alike, and we customize eMembership to work for you – not the other way around. You pick and choose what modules you need, and we customize them to match your exact requirements. ​

    ​”eMembership has enabled us to run our operations and to engage with our members in ways we never thought possible. It supports our membership team, finance team, organizers, field reps and executives, saving us valuable time and increasing collaboration across our staff. We didn’t think we would find a vendor that could accommodate our highly specific set of requirements, but the Winmill team has exceeded our expectations every step of the way.”

    Jessica S., Director of Membership & Communications, PSE SEIU Local 1948

    “Winmill eMembership has helped us increase the accuracy of our data and dues collection process for our members and the contracts that we manage. This has increased our collection rate and the overall efficiency of our membership team here at the Local.”

    Carey M., Director of Operations, SEIU Local 105

    “We liked the discovery process as well as the development and final functionality of the customized software. Great programmers along with a team that really got in tune with our needs. Understanding changes needed along the way and adjusting the software in preview sites before actual application has been beneficial as well. I would highly recommend Winmill software for your business solutions. Professional expertise is what you will experience with this team!”

    David F., President, IATSE Local 110

    “Our previous database was so slow. We were considering two companies, and then we ended up with Winmill. I felt they were more personable; they focused on our needs instead of just talking about the product. And their price structure is very straightforward. With our previous database, you had to build a query in SQL, and if the syntax was just slightly wrong, it would fail. We wanted something more modern and with fewer bugs. The Winmill software was easier to navigate and cleaner. They also lived up to other promises well. Whatever needed to be fixed, got fixed. Everything has gone well.”

    Business Manager, SEIU Local 526M

    “We had a system that really didn’t work for a union. We wanted to move from an accrued-based accounting system into more of a cash-basis system. Our old software couldn’t handle that. It was a nightmare. We evaluated three companies; eMembership just seemed so user-friendly. Reporting was simple. Winmill made the transition—a really intense and rigorous process—easy. There has never been a time when I wasn’t able to get in touch with someone. Everything has been so easy. It simplifies my life. And the online portal is such a convenience to our members. And Winmill continuously reaches out and follows up, including when new modules come out. I really appreciate that. It’s been awesome.”

    Marlaina F., ILWU Local 13
    “eMembership has been a huge success for our organization. Winmill customized it exactly the way we needed. We finally have all of our data in just one system, which saves us an enormous amount of time and effort. We are able to support our members better than ever before. Thank you Winmill!”
    Mary Ann P., Fund Administrator, NYPD Superior Officers Council

    ​”Winmill has always accommodated our every need and has proven to be flexible enough to meet our demands. When Maryland became a right-to-work state, we were impressed by Winmill’s ability to quickly deploy electronic signatures for membership cards, as well as online voting for contract ratification. Winmill hasn’t simply met our requirements, they’ve helped us improve our business.”

    Tracy T., Director of Member Services & Operations, SEIU Local 500
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