Manage Everything About Your Labor Union Members

The Member Management module organizes all information related to tracking union membership and member details. Features include:

Member Search

  • Search for members by any criteria.
  • Search on partial names, status, SSN, or any other identifier.
  • One-click access to add a new member.
  • Field reps can use eMembership Mobile to search for members using their mobile phone or tablet.
  • We customize for you what columns you want returned in the results.
  • One-click sorting of results list.
  • One-click access from the results table to the Member Profile.
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Member Profile

  • Easy access to all member profile information.
  • Configurable security to mask confidential fields like SSN [need to add **** in the SSN field].
  • Unlimited addresses.
  • Unlimited forms of contact (email, phone, text, etc.).
  • Additional member information such as emergency contact information, skills and languages, and other free-form data.
  • Sortable, searchable notes.
  • The ability to add custom attributes.
  • One-click access, from the menu, the member’s work history, finance history, grievance history, etc.
  • Allow members to view and/or edit some, none or all of their profile data in the website Member Portal.
  • Field reps can instantly see real-time member status and other relevant details on their mobile phone or tablet; no more calling into the office to check on a member’s status.

Watch our Member Profile Video!

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Member Work History

  • Historical list of work assignments held by this member. Where applicable, includes dues assessed or check-off dues collected as a result of this work, by assignment or per time period.
  • Work history can be automatically loaded from employer remittances, or entered manually.
  • For freelancing trades, you have the option to allow members to update their own work history.
  • One-click access to the project or worksite details.
  • One-click access to the employer details.
  • Sortable, printable.
  • Can be made available to the member via the website Member Portal.

Member Documents

  • Includes uploads as well as eMembership online signed documents.
  • Unlimited number of typed documents can be associated with a member.
  • Any document format (not executable) can be uploaded.
  • Accessible by anyone with access to eMembership and the Member Document page.
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Member Engagement

  • Summarizes assessment of members and their feedback.
  • Customizable surveys, assessments and interests.
  • Activity history that can be tailored to local needs.

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