The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) is a trade union representing engineers and a number of related industries. The Local 139 chapter represents members in the Wisconsin area.


IUOE Local 139 has an affiliated training center. Originally the local used one computer system to manage membership and dues, and a different system to track training (schedule, attendance, progress, etc.). The problem was that these two systems, managed by two different offices, were frequently out of sync, and they required manual updates that often resulted in mismatched or lost data.


Winmill replaced both systems with eMembership. Local 139 has extensive training requirements, all of which were incorporated into eMembership. Now there is a single system of record for members, and data for both the Local and the Training Center is always accurate and always up to date. Staff at the training center can check on member eligibility, schedule and manage training, track regulatory compliance, and track progress toward certification, always confident in their data because they are working directly with the eMembership database.

This integration extends to member self-service thanks to IUOE 139’s implementation of eMembership’s Member Web Portal module. Members can now review and sign up for courses, update their contact information, pay dues, enter on-the-job-training time for apprentices and trainees, and update skills information for dispatching – all through one interface.


When a student graduates, their demographic and training data used to be manually copied from the Training Center to the Local. Because both organizations now use the same system, that migration process is no longer necessary, saving countless hours while removing any possibility of erroneous data transfer.

Member access to courses and other online local services (such as paying dues) via a single interface (the Member Web Portal) has been extremely well received, while dramatically reducing the amount of time and money the Local and Training Center need to commit to phone support.

Skills acquired during training appear automatically in the Local’s dispatching system, eliminating the time, cost, and delay required for manual data transfer.

Note that although the Local and Training Center are using the same eMembership database for shared information, data is partitioned in compliance with regulatory requirements.