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The Trusted Membership Management Software for 17 SEIU Locals

Welcome to eMembership, the powerful and flexible membership and dues system built for unions like the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

​eMembership has everything you need to effectively manage your union including:

  • Membership management
  • Organizing & communications

  • Payment processing
  • Invoicing & dues
  • Employers & contracts
  • Grievances
  • Unlimited reporting, and much more!

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Supporting SEIU

Winmill Software is a firm supporter of organized labor, and we built our eMembership platform exclusively for labor unions like SEIU.

The Service Employees International Union has a membership of over two million members, making SEIU one of the world’s largest labor unions and the largest healthcare union in North America. SEIU members work in a number of fields including healthcare, property services, and public services.

40+ union locals trust eMembership, including 17 SEIU locals. eMembership supports SEIU’s mission for a Just Society where all workers are valued and respected.

Our Process

One size does not fit all! We know that no two unions are exactly alike, and we customize eMembership to work for you – not the other way around. You pick and choose what modules you need, and we customize them to match your exact requirements. ​

No Hardware, No Software, No Hassle

Winmill securely hosts eMembership in our 24/7 high-availability data center, so it is available for you anytime from anywhere. We focus on the hardware, software, operating systems, security patches, system monitoring, bandwidth, backups… to give you the freedom to focus on your core business.

We host hundreds of applications for clients ranging from small local unions to massive commercial banks. Our data center maintains SOC 1 (SSAE18/ ISAE3402), SOC 2, HIPAA, and PCI DSS compliance.

​Welcome to a world where you’ll no longer worry if your server is secure, or if your backup ran last night. Welcome to the cloud. Welcome to eMembership. ​

“Winmill eMembership has helped us increase the accuracy of our data and dues collection process for our members and the contracts that we manage. This has increased our collection rate and the overall efficiency of our membership team here at the Local.”

Carey M., Director of Operations, SEIU Local 105
“eMembership has enabled us to run our operations and to engage with our members in ways we never thought possible. It supports our membership team, finance team, organizers, field reps and executives, saving us valuable time and increasing collaboration across our staff. We didn’t think we would find a vendor that could accommodate our highly specific set of requirements, but the Winmill team has exceeded our expectations every step of the way.”
Jessica S., Director of Membership and Communications, PSE SEIU Local 1948

“Winmill has always accommodated our every need and has proven to be flexible enough to meet our demands. When Maryland became a right-to-work state, we were impressed by Winmill’s ability to quickly deploy electronic signatures for membership cards, as well as online voting for contract ratification. Winmill hasn’t simply met our requirements, they’ve helped us improve our business.”

Tracy T., Director of Member Services & Operations, SEIU Local 500
“Our units are quite diverse, and Winmill built our eMembership database to handle each unit’s unique and at times paradoxical requirements. There is enough flexibility built into the system to handle data sets we did not know we need until well after the database was built.”
Greg P., Database Operations, SEIU Local

“Working with eMembership’s team has been a phenomenal experience. We are very pleased with the knowledge and understanding that they’ve demonstrated. They have been extremely responsive and flexible to our unique needs.”

eMembership user, SEIU Local 26

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